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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

super excited!

I am off work this week and have a little activity planned each day. Today was the beach with Mike. He took a half day and on his way home from work today at lunch time we decided to swing by and pick up Bella and take her with us. We decided not to pick Preston up early as he has never missed a day of school and we didn't want him to loose a perfect attendance record (and it's not too often that we get some alone time with just Bella). It was really cloudy and windy so I was covered up most of the time with my towel but it didn't phase Bella at all! She chased sea gulls and built sand castles and tried to pet every dog that walked by. We were fortunate enough to see a whole heard (not sure what you call a group) of dolphins playing really close to shore... I mean flips and riding waves! It was like being at Sea World! Here are a couple of snaps:

The news I am so excited about is I was lucky enough to get registered for Karen Russell's photography class this June. She is really the reason I decided to start on this journey! I love her style and her blog. Hopefully I can absorb everything she can teach me to improve my photography skills. I don't plan on taking over the world or anything, just very excited to be learning about this new passion.


Jeanie said...

Oh- I can SO see how your photography has evolved even these past months! So inspiring!! makes me want to learn more too. it is such an awesome heritage for our children==capturing these precious years in still life--and then passing on our appreication for this art on to them! love it all.