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Friday, March 27, 2009

Project Entryway-Jacksonville Family Photograper

Finally finished my entryway niche...I had thought about doing headshots of all of us but I couldn't stand the idea of having to look at my own face everyday when I came in. Feet are much better...after all, it is my most requested shot! (the bench here is my father's childhood bed that we didn't have room for but couldn't part with so Mike made me a bench out of the headboard and footboard) The colors are really of off but I am heading out of town tonight for a week's vacation and really wanted to get this post up before I left....and why in the world didn't I move that dumb phone cord under the bench before I took the picture!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's been a while...Jacksonville Family Photographer moves incredibly too fast! I feel like everything is going in fast forward. The Updegraff household has had a couple of life changing weeks...more on that some other time. I feel so bad for not posting lately so here are a couple of Preston making bicycle ice-cream (do you remember doing that as a kid? You flip your bike over and turn the wheels...)

Also, I've been putting some finishing touches on my entry way. Each one of us have a hook for bookbags, purses, jackets, etc and above each one I wanted to put a big picture of each of us. But I really couldn't bring myself to put up a big picture of myself that I would have to look at every day so I decided to go in another direction...too bad I have come to realize that I have really fat ankles! Here are Bella's and Preston's: