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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tee Time-Jacksonville Family Photographer

A little late in blogging this one, but a few weeks ago, my son was in a golf tournament with some of his new friends he made at golf camp over the summer. I was able to ride along in the cart but couldn't assist him in any way, so in order to keep "Mom Mouth" quiet, I grabbed my camera and became a paparazzi! How was I to know that a nail-biting drama was going to unfold by the end of the day...

They tee'ed off in groups of three:

When the scores were turned in, Preston was in a tie for the lowest putt trophy! That meant there was going to be a put-off. Because bad weather had come in, we had to wait until after dinner to continue. Preston's golf coach took them back out to the 18th hole where she explained the rules then flipped a coin to see who would go first.

Preston went first...well short of the hole. Then his competitor went, also short...but further out. He putted again and didn't make it. It was now Preston's turn...

And although Phil wasn't there to cheer Preston on, we feel like he would have given the thumbs up to Preston's first tournament win:

*picture of Phil by Brandt Sanderlin...picture of the next Phil by Wendy Updegraff :)


Barbie and Craig said...

This would put a tear in my husband's eye...his dream for our little boy! Way to go, Preston! That was a killer putt!