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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Love Bug-Jacksonville Family Photographer

So most of you know that God has blessed me beyond what I am worthy of with two beautiful children. Mike and I started our family young...very young. I was only 21 when Preston came into our lives. I can laugh about it now, just how young I was...but thinking that I was so old then. I was still growing up myself :) It is so funny how your life changes when you have kids. Every choice you make, no matter how small, is made with your children's best interest in mind. Where should we live, what will we eat, who will we be friends with...etc. All you can hope is that the choices you make every day will help mold your precious child into an upstanding man or woman. Well, we have had 10 years of practice on my little man and I don't mean to brag, but we must have made some right decisions. He is an amazing child, who is on the edge of those dreaded teen years. Every night I pray that God will guide him in these next few years...cause I know one day, it won't be so cool to come home from school and tell me all of his secrets.

And that is where we are right now. He has confided in me a secret. One that makes me smile and cringe at the same time. Preston has a crush on a girl at school...and from what I can get out of him, she doesn't exactly share the same feelings for him. You should see him light up when talks about her. At first, I had to ask him questions and he would just give me a yes or no, he gives me an update every day I pick him up about what she said to him, where she sat today in class, etc.

So, we have a win her heart. And lucky for him, Valentines Day is right around the corner. So we set out to make a valentines card just for her. Those of you that know Preston, know that he is super-duper shy. I mean, scary shy. But he comes alive in front of the camera, putting on a confidence that he has a hard time showing to his class mates. I know that I am completely biased, cause he is mine, but come on...if you were her, and you received this Valentines...wouldn't you have to fall in love with him too????

***and just so you know, 1) this was his idea 2) he had no problem wearing a pink tie :)


Amy said...

totally priceless! love love!

Ava C said...

I love it!! Go Preston! :) Who wouldn't love him!! He is adorable!

Anonymous said...

She's still waiting for that Valentine...